Product Guarantees

In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, please contact your dealer that installed your garage door and supply them details of the serial number on the side or back of the garage door. Your dealer will supply further details of the claim along with proof of purchase to the warranty department at Fort Doors.


Warranty period

A warranty covering the safe and reliable operation of the Fort Doors garage door for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase is given to the original purchaser, this warranty is for help and advice on the safety and reliability of the product and identifying parts and consumables in the event of a failure.


Product Guarantee

The standard guarantee of 2 years is given to the holder of the product that covers all parts and the panel providing the serial number is

readable, intact and in place. Factory applied paint finishes are extended to 5 years on steel doors that have standard colours applied, special nonstandard colours are excluded. The product is given a 2-year warranty for the following item – springs; tracks; rollers; hinges

and locking for normal use whereby normal use consists of no more than 5 operations (open/close) per day. We recommend the product is inspected and serviced annually by a competent engineer from the garage door industry, the warranty for parts replaced by an engineer or for supply only is 6 months or for the remainder of the warranty period. All cables are excluded from the warranty given.

If warranty work is carried out the product guarantee does not extend past the anniversary of installation / supply date.



Warranties are valid in the UK only for European countries contact you dealer. The product must have been purchased through

one of our authorised partners and a serial number and receipt of purchase provided. The warranty only covers damage to the garage

door in the unlikely event of a failure, no surrounding items are covered.



During the warranty period we will rectify defects to the Fort product that can be proved to be material or manufacturing faults. At our

discretion we will either exchange; repair or reduce the price. we will not accept any costs for dismantling; installation or delivery.


Warranty exclusions.

Improper transport; fitting and adjustment. Repairs by non-qualified or non-competent individuals. External influences such as fire, water, alkaline solutions, acid, bird droppings or abnormal atmospheric pollution. The use of non-Fort Doors parts without the

approval of the manufacturer. Damage caused in general use after delivery. All cables have a limited warranty of 2 years for

parts only, cables should be checked regularly and adjusted by a recognised installer, a list of service engineers is available from the

Fort customer service department. Failure to inspect, adjust or replace damaged cables early can cause a terminal failure of the product and prevent entry into the garage.


Painted doors give an outstanding finish compared to hand painted doors however they can be scratched or chipped by everyday use , refer to the internal label for care and maintenance of your door , The paint finish is cosmetic and the front panel should be uniform when viewed from 3 meters distance , we offer a 2 year warranty against paint failure, minor blemishes in the finish are inevitable .The rear of the door will not enjoy such a uniform finish by its nature and will have a different level of coating due to the manufacturing process however this does not affect the performance of the product and all doors are supplied galvanized and Painted or galvanized only giving outstanding external use. Doors fitted within 250m of the coast line (where the beach ends and the land begins) and inland estuary are exempt from the paint finish warranty and we recommend a GRP Composite material.


Additional information.

It is a fundamental condition of this guarantee that the product has been installed, maintained, cleaned and serviced correctly and is used solely for which it was designed. Incorrect installation, maintenance and service will invalidate the warranty. The door must be kept in a clean condition and free from impact damage, any areas of paint damage must be dressed with touch up paint as soon as possible.

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